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Privacy Policy

The Ontario Racquet Club is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of information provided to us by our members, customers and others.


The Ontario Racquet Club (the Club) is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of information that has been provided to us by our members, customers and others.

This Privacy Policy has been prepared to confirm such commitment and to assist you in understanding the type of Personal Information that we may collect from you and from others, how we may use that Personal Information, to whom we may disclose it, and how we safeguard that Personal Information and your privacy. We are committed to collecting, using and disclosing Personal Information in a responsible manner, and only to the extent necessary for the services we provide.

This Privacy Policy has been developed to comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).


  • 1. Information

    The Ontario Racquet Club collects information from its members through the application process, various physical assessments and evaluations with respect to level of play in the various sports offered by Ontario Racquet Club.

    Information is collected at the time of membership in order to contact members for billing purposes as well as to collect emergency information in the event of an injury or illness while on the Ontario Racquet Club property.

    Health histories are collected by our trainers during physical assessments for the purpose of developing a fitness program for individual members.

    Credit card information is collected both by the Ontario Racquet Club membership group and by the Restaurant as a means to process fees, dues and purchases.
    The Academy collects information regarding address, phone numbers and emails for the purpose of marketing, booking requests and adult ratings.

    In addition to the Ontario Racquet Club directly collecting information, Club Physio, JM Sports, Massage Therapists and Day Spa each maintain their own Privacy Policies and can explain to the members directly how and why they collect the information with respect to members.

    In certain circumstances, PIPEDA provides that we may disclose your Personal Information without your consent. Such circumstances include: where required by law or by order of a court or tribunal; where the information is used for the purpose of collecting a debt owed to the Club; where the Personal Information is requested by a government institution to enforce any law; and in the case of an emergency that threatens the life, health or security of an individual. In such circumstances, we will not disclose more information than is reasonably necessary.

    We will not sell trade or exchange any Personal Information that we collect.

  • 2. Safeguard

    The personal information maintained by the Ontario Racquet Club is kept in restricted areas, and all computer access is restricted as well.

    In order to facilitate the convenient use of tennis, squash ladders as well as fitness programs, members may consent to have their personal contact information and other personal information posted in public viewing areas.

    Please note that past practices of releasing contact information of members to members over the phone for contact purposes is now prohibited without written consent of the member.

    We trust that all members who were used to being provided this service in the past understand our obligation to comply with the Privacy Act.

  • 3. Retention and Destruction

    The Ontario Racquet Club will destroy all personal information maintained beyond seven years of a member leaving the club. During that time it is archived electronically and physically

  • 4. Access

    Requests to access your information maintained by the Ontario Racquet Club should be made in writing and directed to the front desk that will in turn refer it to the Privacy Officer.

    We will respond to any request in a timely manner.  If we refuse to provide the information to you, we will provide you the reason for doing so in writing.

  • 5. Corrections

    If upon reviewing your personal information, you determine that any information is not correct, the Ontario Racquet Club will correct it upon your request.

  • 6. Video and Photographic Images

    The Ontario Racquet Club maintains video surveillance for the purpose of the security of its members.

    From time to time images will be captured on tape.  The purpose of using these images is to ensure the safety of our members throughout the club.

    Photographs of members will be taken from time to time at social events and tournaments. Some of these photos may be posted within our Club or on our website.

  • 7. Use of our Website

    You can visit most pages on our website without giving us any Personal Information about yourself. However, sometimes we do need Personal Information to provide services that you request. The Club only collects Personal Information that you submit voluntarily, such as when you provide your address or other contact information that you choose to provide in order that other members of the Club may contact you. By providing us with such information, you consent to our collection and use of your Personal Information for such purposes. We will remove your Personal Information from the Club's website upon receiving your request in writing for us to do so.
    Due to the nature of the internet, however, no data transmission over the internet is fully secure. Please be aware of this before you send us any information through this website as the Club cannot guarantee that any information that you transmit to us will not be intercepted and/or misused by third parties.

    We use Remarketing to advertise Ontario Racquet Club across the Internet.
    Remarketing will display ads to you based on what parts of the Ontario Racquet Club website you have viewed by placing a cookie on your web browser.
    This cookie does not in any way identify you or give access to your computer or mobile device.
    The cookie is used to indicate to other websites that  “This person visited a particular page, so show them ads relating to that page.”
    Remarketing allows us to tailor our marketing to better suit your needs and only display ads that are relevant to you.

    If you do not wish to see ads from Ontario Racquet Club you can opt out in several ways:

    • 1) Opt out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting Google’s Ads Settings.
    • 2) Opt out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.
    • 3) Opt out information for Facebook ads visit:

  • 8. Complaint System

    The Ontario Racquet Club has a complaint system whereby any complaints regarding privacy are made to the privacy Officer at the Ontario Racquet Club.

    Please fill in the form below for the purpose of making a complaint.

    Should you wish to investigate a more formal complaint regarding privacy issues, you may contact the Government of Canada website regarding privacy