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Ice To Be Back!

Ice Skating at ORC

Please note the ice rink is currently closed due to warm temperatures.

Warmer temperatures may force us to close our rink, however we will always contact members affected by rink cancellations. Please contact the reception team if you are unsure about your booking at 905-822-5240 ext 222.

How to Book

Sign-up 7-Days In Advance at 10:00 am

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    Use the ORC APP | Tap the Top Left Corner Silhouette and Select Ice Rink
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    Web Portal | Login and Select "Ice Rink Schedule".
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    Call the Reception Team | Available at 905-822-5240

  • Basic Rules

    One reservation per day per family. One Family from the same household on the rink per reservation, maximum of six participants.

    Access is from the side parking lot, patio entrance. 

    Bookings will be 50 minutes on the hour, with 10 minutes for families to leave and arrive without interactions. Cancellations 24 hours or more notice. Changes can be made on the ORC app. Registration is open seven days in advance at 10:00 am.

  • Outdoor Skating Rink Info

    Access to club unavailable. Participants are encouraged to arrive fully dressed for their skate.

    Wearing a mask or face covering is mandatory.

    Everyone on the ice must wear skates.

    Participants 12-years and under are required to wear CSA approved hockey helmets. 

    Depending on weather, the club must close the rink temporarily for member safety. Affected reservations for that day will be contacted regarding their booking.

  • Safety Rules

    Use the rink at your own risk. You voluntarily assume all risk associated with any sport or event. The Ontario Racquet Club does not accept responsibility for any related risks or injuries.

    Follow all direction from ORC staff. Report all accidents, and injuries, to staff immediately. Wear your mask with all staff interactions.

    It is highly recommended that all skaters wear a CSA-approved helmets while on the ice. It is required for skaters 12-years and under.

    Respect your booking time of 50 minutes.

    Children 12-years and under must be actively supervised by a responsible person 16-years or older.

    You are personally responsible to ensure you are fit to participate in physical activities.

    The following activities are not permitted at outdoor rink. These activities could result in you being asked to leave the facility.

    • Carrying children on the ice. This includes baby carriers.
    • Bringing food or drinks on the ice.
    • Rough play, speed and figure skating, no hockey, and multiplayer games (such as tag and races).

    Only E-Z Gliders are permitted as a skating aid.

  • Rink Hours

    Monday to Friday | 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
    Saturday and Sunday | 8:00 am to 7:00 pm