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Healthy Can be Easy

The Ontario Racquet Club has so much going on, it can sometimes seem difficult to go from curious about tennis to furious on the court. Want to know how to take that next step? Wondering about how things work at ORC? Let's answer those questions!

Our Mission Statement

To Provide a Healthy Experience for the Mind, Body & Spirit

ORC is The Healthiest Decision You'll Ever Make

General F.A.Q.

ORC Management

Are there questions we don't cover here? Send us an email!


More Info

More general ORC info can be found on our "About Us" page.


Club hours are usually 5:00 am to 11:00 pm from Monday to Thursday. We're open 5:00 am to 10:00 pm on Friday. Weekends and holidays we're open 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.

If we have special hours, those will typically be listed on our homepage and contact ORC pages.  The ORC Facebook Page and Twitter Account are also a great place to stay up-to-date.

Programs you must sign-up for in advance, like tennis or swim lessons, can be found in our Program Guide

Inclusive drop-in classes can be found on our Group Fitness & Pool Schedules.

Those can both be found here. Unless otherwise noted, all of these classes are included with your membership.

Much of that information is also on our smartpone app, which can be found by searching for "Ontario Racquet Club" on the Google Play or Apple App store.

Yes! There is a $20 fee to bring in a guest, and the same guest is only permitted into the ORC once per month. Please note these fees are typically lower for kids coming to use the pool during the summer, should your child want to bring a friend for a swim.

There is no fee to bring your guest to the ORC Restaurant, and you are welcome to do so as much as you like. Your guests are also welcome to many of our big events and socials, although they would of course need to purchase tickets and must be accompanied by a member.

Additionally, if your guest is interested in joining ORC, we'd be happy to provide them with a complimentary trial membership. Please contact the Membership Team if interested.

Yes! ORC has a state-of-the-art Wifi system for our members and guests.

Fitness at ORC

Be it Group Fitness,  Hot Yoga, Personal Training, Aquafit, Spinning or plain ol' working out, we have incredible fitness facilities for everyone.

It doesn't matter if you're an athletic pro or a recovering couch potato - we got you covered!

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Fitness F.A.Q.

Fitness Questions

Are there questions we don't cover here? Send us an email!


View Schedules

Are you looking for our Group Fitness Schedules?


Almost all of our Fitness Programming is included with your membership. Group Power, Spinning, Zumba, Hot Yoga, Aquafit - anything on our Group Fitness Schedule is included.

Of course, use of the Fitness Centre or Weight Room is likewise available to all adult members.

Some paid programs exist, either as a one-time workshop or an instructional program of several weeks. Those can all be found in our Fitness Program Guide.

That can be found here. Unless otherwise noted, all of these classes are included with your membership.

Much of that information is also on our smartpone app, which can be found by searching for "Ontario Racquet Club" on the Google Play or Apple App store.

Children must be 15 years of age or older to use the Fitness Centre. If your teen is not quite there, we regularly offer a Teen Training course in our Program Guide, which will teach them to exercise safely and effectively. Teens who pass this course are then welcome to use the Fitness Centre.

Simple! Just show up and have fun. Some classes, such as Spinning or Hot Yoga, require you to ask the reception team for a pass, which they will happily provide. This is to ensure we don't fill up beyond capacity. Not sure if your class needs a pass? Simply ask at the reception desk.

Show-up to the class ten or fifteen minutes early, dressed appropriately and equipped with water, a towel and anything else you'd need for your class (such as a yoga mat).

Let the instructor know it's your first time attending; he or she will help you set up and feel comfortable. They will also keep an eye out for you, and assist if you seem lost or at all confused.

If you prefer, we often offer orientations or "launch" classes, which are designed to help get new people up-to-speed. Those times can be found on the Group Fitness Schedule.

Racquet Sports at ORC

We're here to help you get into the swing of things!

Be it tennis, squash, badminton or pickleball - we have so many avenues to get into these fantastic sports.

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Racquets F.A.Q.

Racquets Questions

Are there questions we don't cover here? Send us an email!


View Racquet Programming

Check out our Tennis, Squash, Badminton & Pickleball Program Guide.


Every member is entitled to a tennis or squash assessment, which can be scheduled at reception, with the membership team, or here via email.

Once you've had an assessment, we'll review which clinics and classes are best for your level, plus introduce you to the various leagues, drop-ins, ladders and socials where you're sure to meet new players.

You're welcome to email Kyle for tennis integration or Allan for squash if you have any questions.

Courts may be booked through the Reception Team in person or by phone seven days in advance at 7:30 am. Online bookings using the ORC app open seven days in advance at 8:00 am for tennis, or 7:30 am for squash.

If you'd like a tennis lesson, a list of tennis pros is available at the reception desk; if you already know who you would like to book for your lesson, you may contact them directly. If you don't know which tennis instructor is best for you, contact Kyle Rutherford via email.

If you would like a squash lesson, simply email Allan Cook.

Would you like a Badminton or Pickle Ball lesson? The person to email is Albert Fong.

All our programming for Badminton & Pickle Ball is in our Program Guide. You can check out all the details there! We also have drop-ins which may not be listed; please contact Albert Fong via Email if you would like to know more.

Absolutely! We have a tennis pathway for our adult members designed to meet their specific needs. We have learning clinics for beginners, plus drilling and playing clinics for more advanced players. A detailed list is found in the Tennis Program Guide.

As for leagues, we offer both winter and summer league opportunities. In winter, we have teams participating in the Ladies Windoor Doubles League and the Men’s B League. In summer, we have teams participating in the ICTA Ladies Doubles League and the +55 Mixed Doubles League. Questions? Contact Kyle.

At ORC, squash is very social, connected sport. We participate in GTA leagues, plus have our internal house leagues. Beginners can attend a drop-in every Friday. Additionally, we frequently have internal tournaments and socials for our squash members.

ORC offers a variety of junior tennis clinics for kids aged 4 to 18 years. We use the progressive tennis development approach which allows us to introduce the sport to kids in a fun and safe way. All our introductory and recreational junior tennis clinics are in the Tennis Program Guide.

If your child is experienced and wants to attend our competitive or performance tennis programs, you'd be happy to learn ORC has been recognized by Tennis Canada as a Gold Status Tennis Development Centre since 2010 . We offer two pathways for talented young players; the Training Stream and the Performance Stream. Acceptance to these programs is by invitation only; please email Rouba for more information.

ORC offers a robust squash program for all levels of juniors, from beginner to elite. Kids from our program often compete on the national stage. See all of our programming in the Squash Program Guide.

Aquatics at ORC

Splash away any cold or rainy weather in our 25m Junior Olympic pool, enclosed in a beautiful glass structure with a fully retractable roof. 

A recent addition to the club, this amazing year-round ammenity is sure to be one of your family's favourites.

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Aquatics F.A.Q.

Aquatics Questions

Are there questions we don't cover here? Send us an email!


View Aquatics Schedule

Check out our Aquatics scheule, which includes daily Fun Swim and Aquafit.


The temperature is set to 84 degrees. This is the "warmest of the coolest" temperatures to ensure comfortable swimming for lane swimmers. It's also the "coolest of the warm" temperatures for activities such as Swimming lessons and Aqua fit that may not involve as much movement.

The schedule can be found here. Aquafit classes do not require sign-up, and are included with all memberships.

Aquafit times are also on our smartpone app, which can be found by searching for "Ontario Racquet Club" on the Google Play or Apple App store.

The ORC is pleased to offer at least one lane specifically for lane swimming during club hours. The lane may be busy, so we suggest lane etiquette of circle swimming so that more swimmers can make use of the lane.

Fun swim is offered every day and can be found on the Aquatics Schedule.

You are more than welcome to enjoy the features of the Patio while your children enjoy their time in the pool. We just ask that they successfully pass the swim test of 50m Front crawl followed by one minute of treading water. Swimmers who do not pass the swim test will need a parent with them inside the pool.

Restaurant & Events

ORC knows how to throw an unforgettable party, either for our members, or for your private event. Looking for a great meal? The ORC Restaurant offers fantastic food, catering to all tastes. 

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Restaurant & Events F.A.Q.

Restaurant & Events Questions

Are there questions we don't cover here? Send us an email!


View Restaurant Menu

Check out the ORC Restaurant page to see our latest set of menus.


Almost certainly! Although we will sometimes have "members only" events, ORC members can typically invite friends and family to our parties.

Absolutely! Members are welcome to bring friends and family to the restaurant; there is no guest fee.

Absolutely! Please contact our Events Team to learn all the ways we can tailor your event to your specific needs.

Yes! We offer fantastic parties for kids of all ages and interests. Contact our Events Team to learn more.

Our events will often change from one year to the next, but typically you can expect family-themed events for major holidays such as Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas, etc. 

We of course also have plenty of events aimed more towards adults - such as Trivia Night, Tennis Socials, Comedy Night, the Member Appreciation Party or our Big Summer Bash - just to name a few recent ones. Often, the Playcentre will remain open late during these events so parents won't require a babysitter.

Families at ORC

ORC is built for families! It's not at all uncommon for a family to become members - the children play and grow at ORC - then one day have a family of their own and once again become members.

In addition to incredible family events, ORC offers compelling programming, highly qualified instructors and top-notch facilities for your child's active development.

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Families F.A.Q.

Family Membership Questions

Are there questions we don't cover here? Send us an email!


Kids & Teens Guide

Check out our Kids and Teens Program Guide.


Children must be members to use ORC ammenities or take part in our programs. However, we offer free memberships to children 12 years and under - provided a parent is an ORC member. The children would not receive the benefits of a family membership (two hours of playcentre, included weekly programs, annual racquet programming). However they will be able to take part in these things on a pay-as-you-go basis, plus make use of facilities like the Pool or Splash Pad.

A Family Membership at ORC offers unbeatable value. Each child on the membership will be entitled to two hours daily in the playcentre while mom or dad workout, plus two weekly classes for the entire programming season. As an added bonus, they'll also have access to one free racquet program annually.