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Gloria Atkinson

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About Gloria Atkinson
Group Fitness Director and Nutritionist

Group Fitness Director
Gloria has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years, she is currently our Group Fitness Director. Her background training and qualifications are extremely diverse: She completed her post secondary education at Sheridan College and Florida State University (Athletic Scholarship).

• OFC Certified; Group Fitness Instructor and a Personal Trainer, Pilates (Mat and Reformer) and Yoga instructor
• Certified Holistic Nutritionist (RHN)
• ROHP (Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner)
• Also certified in Group Power, Group Step and Group fight (Mossa programs)
• Tabata Bootcamp, spinning and Bosu certified
• TWIST Sports conditioning level 2 certification
• Third Degree Black Belt in Chito-Ryu style Karate
• Level 3 soccer coach

“Dissatisfaction is an indication of progress”
Instead of thinking of dissatisfaction as something bad and pushing the feeling away, we should welcome it. In fact dissatisfaction is one of the most powerful ways our subconscious nudges us to make a change, our inner being gently telling us to go for more.

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