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Respect, Commitment, Dedication, Confidence

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Karate is a well rounded activity which creates balance by developing the mind, body and spirit. Karate training results in a stronger sense of commitment, a humble attitude, plus a greater sense of awareness and compassion. ORC Karate students are taught traditional katas as well as stances, combinations, kicks, personal safety and respect.
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    No Yearly Contracts
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    Non-Members are Welcome
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    No Grading Fees Through to Brown Belt
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    Flexible Class Times
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    No Sparring at ORC Karate

ORC Karate Academy

ORC Karate students are taught traditional katas as well as stances, combinations, kicks, personal safety and respect.


  • The Program

    ORC Karate Academy is a system with a foundation in Chito-Ryu and Shotokan. Students also learn effective techniques from many different martial arts. 

    Our program was derived from the Chinese martial arts, which emphasize kata over other forms of training. Hands and feet are employed defensively as well as offensively. 

  • The History

    Karate was brought to Canada in 1957 by the late Sensei Tsuroka, 10th degree Black Belt and founder of Canadian Karate. He personally awarded Sensei Kirk with his 5th degree Black Belt in June 2010. There have been over 3000 students come through the ORC Karate Academy, with over 70 students graduating to black belt.

  • The Ideology

    ORC's Karate Academy follows the theory that, as Sensei Kirk says, “karate should be taught as a form of self defense; not a form of fighting". After all, the word "Karate" means "empty hand".

The Benefits of Karate

Why sign your child up for ORC Karate?

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    Builds Confidence
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    Develops Respect
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    Improves Concentration
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    Develops Character
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    Teaches Dicipline
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    Leadership Abilities
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    Teaches Personal Safety
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    Plus, it's a Lot of Fun

Parent Testimonials

The ORC Karate Academy

  • "My  daughter  Alex  has  taken  karate  for  several years  now  and  I  have  noticed  how  the  program  has helped  with  her  self-esteem.  She  is confident  in  her abilities and continues to realize her potential.I  admire  the  discipline  the  kids strive  for  in  the  karate classes. My daughter has been able to set goals for herself and aims to achieve them.

    It is nice to see how the kids encourage one another. Since all belts  can  be  in  the  same  class  together, there is a sense of camaraderie and there is always someone available to help you out. The karate classes go beyond the classroom.”

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    ORC Karate Parent
  • It’s unbelievable to see the transformation of Troy from a white belt to a black belt under the guidance of the ORC Karate program. Over the years he has developed confidence in himself, and the discipline required to complete tasks and focus on what is important.

    Troy has learned not be guided by those who would do the wrong thing and focus on what’s ethically right. He now has a solid base for life’s challenges and the discipline to follow through with his goals and achieve all that is possible while, at the same time, not losing sight of helping others, being a good person and giving back by helping others just as he has been helped.

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  • "My daughter is in grade five and has been taking karate with Sensei Kirk for five years. It has been a fundamental factor in changing a shy girl into a confident  girl both in social settings and in school.

    With karate, my daughter has built confidence as she moves through the katas. She takes great pride in how much she has learned and mastered, through the firm but warm teaching style provided by Sensei Kirk.”

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Karate Times

We are proud to offer flexible timing to be better able to accomodate your schedule.

Tuesday 4:00, 4:30 & 5:00 pm
Wednesday 4:00, 4:30 & 5:00 pm
Thursday 4:00, 4:30 & 5:00 pm

Contact Sensei Kirk

905-822-5240 x 612